The Importance of Personal Trainer

Free Weights

When we work with people, we always have a choice. We can have the time to work with you, or work with someone else. Many people prefer personal trainers in Eindhoven, because we all work in a pleasant atmosphere, and with great honesty and care. Most of our students communicate quite well with us, because they realise we would never———— intentionally hurt them in front of other people.

Body Mass Composition

Before starting on any cycling program, you should have a complete understanding of your body composition. For those people aware of their weight, but don't have the time or inclination to get medical advice, they use a certain body composition as a benchmark to measure their progress. We therefore arrange our classes in these categories. Our marathon runners also have a body composition measurement every year, so that they can improve by about 1% per year.

Medical Advice

If you are considering joining us, you will get complete medical advice before starting a cycling work out. Our doctors always eat at lunch with us, and have one on the phone during our lunch hour if they are available. Our medical advice ranges from routine check-ups, drug treatment, corticosteroid injections at times, but generally speaking you would be surprised how well we take these things, and how good we can be of assistance to you.

Diet for the Rider

We always have a fixed menu for our riders' meals which we prepare before the class. All our food is organic, and freshly prepared every day. Our riders eat on a daily basis too, because of the flexibility of the work schedule. Unfortunately, the demand for cycling training in Eindhoven is rather lower in the middle of the day, so our health and meal plans are even more strict. Our riders are also very careful about their diets, because we can't let ourselves get tempted by anything "healthy".

An Observant Student

The main thing we look for is an attentive rider. Our riders let us know if something is a bit off with the technique, if the distance is too long, if the bike is too heavy, if they are breathing too hard, etc. Whatever they want to improve, we spend some time getting feedback from them, and the feedback we get makes it much harder for us to change anything. Our rides are measured by how well our riders squat and ride at the correct cadence.

Our weak riders are extra attentive to what we do during our coaching sessions and we often find that they are able to ride better when they see us doing something on our bike, or they do something different on the long climbs.

Our strong riders do all the right things, but their attention to detail and their passion to learn keeps them on the cutting room floor most of the time.

The Goal

Our ultimate goal is to have an exercise program that will enable the riders to have the best time on the bike, with an easy, friendly and effective cycling, weight, nutrition, training and recovery program. We try to get the riders in groups of between 3 and 5, so that they feel more comfortable. We also use power coaching every year, for the goal of improving power to weight ratio.

When I began coaching us, we had a few bad experiences. We spent far more time with the wind, rather than focusing on how much we could push, or how much we could absorb. Some of our rides turned into frustrating roadblocks rather than learning experiences. Fortunately over time, we have put a lot of new stress onto the bikes rather than the rider, and the better we have been able to answer those uncomfortable questions as we add those new elements, the better our riders feel, on and off the bike.

Personal trainer

Lanka bikes have 1:1 time sinks

Our trainer, violating the 1:1 rule in some of our rides, has the following to show for it:

– RAGE – 11.9 km/ hour vs. 29.9 km/hour – Greece – 24.8 km/hour – FSI – 17.9 km/hour – Polar Flow – 14.9 km/hour

On hard climbs, he needs a strong team to carry him up. I have been disappointed too many times that the right set of riders, with the right set of cadence, can do a good 24 km/hour. We need the heart of a champion, it seems to be smarter than the heart of a bunny!

Here is a story from one of our ridding days in the climbing legs of the Brett Eards' Endurance Series Rides…

Over the last few weeks of our dry season, there had been a lot of talk about developing a better cycling race, one that would differentiate from the mass-start gruelling events and give the discipline of long, hilly cross-state rides a new competition- flagship. Riding to look at.